Multi Query Firestore

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The best way to create multiple queries in the firestore with various conditions

    list: [
      ref.collection('A').where('count', isGreaterThan: 2),
      ref.collection('B').where('size', isEqualTo: 5),
      ref.collection('C').where('age', isLessThanOrEqualTo: 3)

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Getting Started

It's simple, just create the object by passing the list of queries as in the example at the beginning.

Conditions for several

If you want to create a condition or call a class method you can do it like this:

For all:

    list: [
).where('age', isLessThanOrEqualTo: 10)

For specifics:

All methods of the parent class Query have a copy with the complement Only in the name, in these the parameter indexes will be requested:

    list: [
      ref.collection('A'), // 0
      ref.collection('B'), // 1
      ref.collection('C')  // 2
    field: 'age', 
    // Here you pass the indexes of the queries you want to apply the filter
    indexes: [
    isLessThanOrEqualTo: 10