MqttQos enum Null safety

Enumeration of available QoS types.


atLeastOnce → const MqttQos

QOS Level 1 - Message is guaranteed delivery. It will be delivered at least one time, but may be delivered more than once if network errors occur.

const MqttQos(1)
atMostOnce → const MqttQos

QOS Level 0 - Message is not guaranteed delivery. No retries are made to ensure delivery is successful.

const MqttQos(0)
exactlyOnce → const MqttQos

QOS Level 2 - Message will be delivered once, and only once. Message will be retried until it is successfully sent.

const MqttQos(2)
failure → const MqttQos

Failure indication This is a QOS value of 128, used in a sub ack message to indicate failure to subscribe to a topic

const MqttQos(4)
reserved1 → const MqttQos

Reserved by the MQTT Spec. Currently unused from here on until the fail indicator below

const MqttQos(3)
values → const List<MqttQos>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<MqttQos>


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