Moor is an easy to use, reactive persistence library for Flutter apps. Define your database tables in pure Dart and enjoy a fluent query API, auto-updating streams and more!

With Flutter

This library defines the APIs for the moor persistence library. To use it on Flutter apps, you'll probably want to use the moor_flutter implementation directly.

For the web

For information to use this library on the web (including Flutter web), follow the instructions here. Keep in mind that web support is still experimental.

Please see the homepage of moor or the moor_flutter package for details on how to use this package.


Utility classes to implement custom database backends that work together with moor.
A utility library to find an edit script that turns a list into another. This is useful when displaying a updating stream of immutable lists in a list that can be updated.
Provides utilities around sql keywords, like optional escaping etc.
A version of moor that runs on the web by using sql.js You manually need to include that library into your website to use the web version of moor. See the documentation for a more detailed instruction.