pub package

A Flutter plugin for ANDROID that allows sharing text, images via popular Social Networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.


    modified_share: ^0.0.1


import 'package:modified_share/modified_share.dart';

How To Use

String imageURL = '', 
  content = "Petta\n\nMore details here at Flixjini: \n\nCheck out Flixjini App at:";
    Map<String, String> shareMessageDetails = {
      "imageURL": imageURL,
      "content": content,

    // for sharing via WhatsApp 
      await ModifiedShare.shareViaWhatsApp(shareMessageDetails);
    // for sharing 
      await ModifiedShare.share(shareMessageDetails);

Bugs & Requests

If you encounter any bugs feel free to open an issue. Raise a ticket on github for suggestions. Pull request are also welcome.

I am happy to receive suggestions and feedback at my email address:


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