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Mobile web view

Wanted to show your awesome mobile app to other without letting them into the hassle of installing it? Thanks to flutter web (currently in beta) we have covered you.


Make sure that you are on beta and web is enabled if not then, here

Add in your pubspec.yaml

 mobile_web_view: ^0.1.2

Then import it in your main

import 'package: mobile_web_view/mobile_web_view.dart';

Warp MobileWebView to your initial route

home: MobileWebView(
        statusBarIconColor: Colors.white,
        content: Text("MobileWebView")
        child: MyHomePage(title: 'Flutter Demo Home Page'),
statusBarIconColorAs it says it defines the color of status bar icons and clock in desktop view (default is black)
contentIt is to define which widgets to show on the right side of the screen in desktop view (default is SizedBox.expand())
backgroundColorIt sets background color for desktop webview (default is color of Material.canvas)

Want to contribute?

A help is always welcomed, check our and don't forget to add yourself to