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An moac RPC 2 client for Dart.

This package provides a client to access the Moac JSON RPC API documented here It uses the JSON RPC2 interface and can be configured to use any of the endpoints described. The client runs on the server using HTTP, and in the browser using both HTTP and web sockets.

The package currently implements 44 of the API calls documented, the main omissions being ones documented but no longer implemented in the latest version of geth. This encompasses the Solidity interface and most of the SHH whisper interface. As this Ethereum API is updated the package will be updated to suit.

The mapping of Ethereum RPC data types to Dart types is as follows :-

  • boolean - bool
  • string - String
  • quantity - int
  • data - BigInt(see below)

Examples can be found in the examples directory, also the unit test suite contains examples of calling every API interface.

The package was tested against a geth client, version 1.7.2. The API provided should work on older geth clients but be aware some calls may return an error of not implemented.

The package currently depends on the BigNum package, this package is not currently Dart 2.0 ready and may be superceded by a new BigInt implementation in Dart. This package will be updated approprately as and when any changes are needed.