Plugin that allow Flutter to read value from persistent storage or save value to persistent storage base on MMKV framework

Getting Started

Open terminal, cd to your project directory, run pod repo update to make CocoaPods aware of the latest available MMKV versions

Quick Tutorial

  MmkvFlutter mmkv = await MmkvFlutter.getInstance();

  mmkv.setBool('boolKey', true);
  print('get bool value is ${ await mmkv.getBool('boolKey')}');
  int counter = await mmkv.getInt('intKey') + 1;
  print('GetSetIntTest value is $counter ');
  await mmkv.setInt('intKey', counter);
  String stringtest = await mmkv.getString('stringKey') + '1';
  print('GetSetStringTest value is $stringtest');
  await mmkv.setString('stringKey', stringtest);