mixed_collection library


Collection<S, T extends CollectionEntry<S>>
A mixed collection class, which performs automatic sorting, filtering and emits events once the operations are performed. This collection can be used for classes which extends from CollectionEntry.
CollectionEntry<T extends dynamic>
An abstraction for collection entry.
Class which define database error. This can be extended in future to provide additional functionalities.


Filterable<S, T extends CollectionEntry<S>>
Mixin, which provide filterable support for the store. Store, by default won't support this mixin.
Sortable<S, T extends CollectionEntry<S>>
Mixin, which provide sorting functionality.


CollectionOperationCallback<T>(dynamic result, dynamic error) → void
Result of a database operation with the Store or Storage Check result or error in order to understand status of the operation.
FilterCallback<T>(T record, dynamic data) bool
Callback function to perform filter operation. If the return value is true then that record will be included in the filtered result. This function accepts Model as input parameter.
SortComparerCallback<T extends CollectionEntry>(T record1, T record2) int