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A Dart library for parsing JSON objects using dart:mirrors.

Important: This library does not work in Flutter.

🔨 Installation

Add mirror_json to your dependencies.


Now get the packages.

pub get

🔮 Getting started

mirror_json uses a concept of Parsers. There are a bunch of parsers for simple types (int, double, String) already in the package, but in order to parse a class, you have to make a ClassParser instance.

import 'package:mirror_json/mirror_json.dart';

class MyClass {

void main() {
    var parser = ClassParser<MyClass>();

    // From json
    var myObject = Json.fromJson({...});

    // To json
    var json = Json.toJson(myObject);

Woah, what just happened?

First, we initialized mirror_json's main class, GlobalJsonParserInstance. This automatically adds parsers for simple types like int, double, List, etc. Then, we created a parser for MyClass. Now you can use the Json class to transform your JSON objects to MyClass instances or MyClass objects to JSON.

💡 Example

See example under example folder.

📚 Docs

See docs here

📭 Contact me

E-Mail: kk.erzhan@gmail.com