media_break_points library


desktopBreakPointEnd → const double
desktopBreakPointStart → const double
screen size lg
extraSmallEnd → const double
extraSmallStart → const double
screen size xs
mobileBreakPointEnd → const double
mobileBreakPointStart → const double
screen size sm
tabletBreakPointEnd → const double
tabletBreakPointStart → const double
screen size md
wideScreenBreakPointStart → const double
screen size xl


isLg(BuildContext context) bool
if screen is lg
isMd(BuildContext context) bool
if screen is md
isSm(BuildContext context) bool
if screen is sm
isXl(BuildContext context) bool
if screen is xl
isXs(BuildContext context) bool
if screen is xs
strRep<T>(BuildContext context) String
return string representation of screen size
valBetween(double val, double start, double end) bool
check if values are between start and end
valueFor<T>(BuildContext context, {T? xs, T? sm, T? md, T? lg, T? xl, T? defaultValue}) → T?
Returns value corresponding to current breakpoint if corresponding breakpoint is not provided or defaultValue if a default value is provided provided optional breakpoints include xs - between extraSmallStart and [extraSmallEnd sm - between mobileBreakPointStart and mobileBreakPointEnd md - between tabletBreakPointStart and tabletBreakPointEnd lg - between desktopBreakPointStart and desktopBreakPointEnd xl - viewports above wideScreenBreakPointStart defaultValue the default value to return if a breakpoint value isn't set