This is an animated grid view with pagination. Implemented by SliverGrid. If you need an animated list view please check in flutter.
Or if you need an animated list view with pagination you can easily give your grid item a large with to make it a list.

Flutter doesn't have an animated GridView, when you add or remove an element from a grid, it is hard to know where you added or removed.


  1. Animated sliver Grid view.
  2. Pagination, scroll down to fetch new page.
  3. Easy to pop a widget from inside a grid or return it back.


    GridController gridController = GridController(pageFetcher: fetchList);
        maxCrossAxisExtent: 200,
        childAspectRatio: 1.8,
        gridController: gridController,
        itemBuilder: (ctxt, item, index) {
          Widget row = itemView(index: index, data: item);
          return row;
    TextDivider(child: const Text('Divider'))