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This is a Google Maps Android/iOS SDK adapter for the package maps.

Getting started

1.Add dependency

In pubspec.yaml, you should have:

  maps_adapter_google_maps: ^0.2.3

2.Modify configuration files

For Android support, you need to modify android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml.

For iOS support, you need to modify:

  • ios/Runner/AppDelegate.m (if your Flutter project uses Objective-C)
  • ios/Runner/AppDelegate.swift (if your Flutter project uses Switf)

You also need to ensure that ios/Runner/Info.plist has something like:

	<key>Privacy - Location When In Use Usage Description</key>
	<string>A description of your privacy policy.</string>

3.Set map adapter

In your main function:

import 'package:maps/maps.dart';
import 'package:maps_adapter_google_maps';

void main() {
  MapAdapter.defaultInstance = const GoogleMapsNativeAdapter();

  // ...


Test changes manually with the example application in the repository.


Provides an adapter between package:maps and package:google_maps_flutter.