A simple to use widget based map overlay plugin for flutter.

WARNING: In very early Development

This plugin was only just started, and therefor SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PRODUCTION. There will be breaking API changes.

Planned Features

  • Support for other maping platforms (such as MapBox or Bing Maps)
    • I'd like to see a unified API that supports it all but it may not be possible / feasible
  • Support for Pan and Tilt operations (curently disabled)
  • Support for either 'Ground Plane' or 'Upright Plane' display modes
    • Ground Plane will be like a sticker on top of the map
    • Upright Plane will be like a 'building' that stands upright and faces the screen at all times
  • Implement a custom gesture controller to ensure that the widgets move at the same speed as the map
    • The controller will override the google maps gesture controlls for a smoother pan speed

Usage as of (22/05/2019)

	mapOptions: GoogleMapOptions(
		initialCameraPosition: _kGooglePlex,
		// Your typical google map options here (will pass through all events - even if used)
	overlays: <MapOverlayWidgetContainer>[
		// All widgets you wish to display on the map (they must have some form of default size)
			offset: Offset(50, 15),
			position: LatLng(37.4223705, -122.0843794),
			child: SizedBox(
				child: Container(
				    child: Text("Google Plex"),
				    decoration: BoxDecoration(
					    color: Colors.white,
					    border: Border.all(
						    style: BorderStyle.solid,
							width: 1,
							color: Colors.black,
				width: 100,
				height: 30
			offset: Offset(0, 0),
			position: LatLng(37.4084642, -122.0717857),
			child: Text("Near Google Plex"),