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Magpie Workflow is a visualized platform which is designed to create, develop and compile your standalone flutter module;

It's designed to manage the complexity of building mixed flutter apps, connect developers and flutter like the Magpie Bridge. This project has three parts:

  • cli: similar to flutter tool, used to create template project and start the web server;
  • workflow web: A flutter-web application used to develop & compile the flutter module;
  • workflow server:A dart server work with flutter-web;

How to use

Install cli

Make sure you have already installed the flutter sdk, the version should be v1.12.x.
If you haven't configure the flutter and dart environment, follow the guide at Magpie CLI#environment

pub global activate magpie_cli

Start Workflow

Since you've installed the mgpcli, you may start to create a flutter module project now:

1.Create module project

mgpcli create -n flutter_sample

2.Start service

cd flutter_sample
mgpcli start

3.Switch to browser

The browser should have been opened instantly,


As we mentioned previously, Magpie has multi-parts;

Magpie also has some relative projects, you may check out these codebase as listed bellow:

Magpie Native&Dart SDK

Work with Magpie Workflow, it's native sdk which should be integrated into App. https://github.com/wuba/magpie_sdk

Magpie Fly

A Flutter UIKit. https://github.com/wuba/magpie_fly

Magpie Log

A visualized dynamic programme for log collection based on flutter. https://github.com/wuba/magpie_log


This project is maintained by 58 Magpie Tech Team, thank you all for the contributions :)

avenwu, CoCodeDZ, haijun, hxinGood, iamagirlforios, Kcwind, lyx0224, MuYuLi, xiubojin, zdl51go, zhangkaixiao23

Thanks to Alina_0516 for the design.


This project is open source under the BSD license.

We are using the flutter tools codebase and made some changes; There are many libraries we depend on, here is a short list, thanks you all:

effective_dart, provider, qr_flutter, process_run, dio, jaguar

For more details please refer to pubspec.yaml