m4d_core.annotations library

Core-Annotations got it's own library so that it's not DOM-Related.

Makes it better testable.

class Person {
    final String id;
    String name;

    Person(this.nae) : id = new Uuid().v1();

    Person.from(final Person person) : name = person.name, id = person.id;


Mustache (+mirrors) needs to know which classes to include
Helper for Transformer to generate documentation


Component → const MdlAnnotation
All MDLComponents
const MdlAnnotation()
Directive → const MdlAnnotation
Directives like Formatter
const MdlAnnotation()
MdlComponentModel → const MdlAnnotation
Helps dryice to know which vars are available to render
const MdlAnnotation()
Model → const MdlAnnotation
Usually used for Templates
const MdlAnnotation()
public → const MdlPublicFunctionAnnotation