lucky_toast 😄

A customizable toast library using flutter. Advantage: easy to customize the animation

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Sample project



Getting started

1. add dependencies into you project pubspec.yaml file

     lucky_toast: any

2. import lucky_toast lib

import 'package:lucky_toast/lucky_toast.dart';

3. initialization

Use LuckyToastCtxGet to wrap this widget in the outermost layer (i.e. outside of the MaterialApp widget).

Note ⚠️: Animation effects can be defined in LuckyToastCtxGet, see Custom Animation.

runApp(LuckyToastCtxGet(child: MyApp()));

4. use

The popup will be called from anywhere.

Note ⚠️: The default popup duration is two seconds, which can be defined in LuckyToastCtxGet, the global popup duration. You can also pass this popup time when you call simpleShow. Priority simpleShow Definition > Global.

LuckyToast.simpleShow('xxxx', duration: Duration(seconds: 5));

5. dismiss all



1. create animation

First inherit ToastAnimatedBase, override the builder method and define the animation.

That is super.builder(context), which is used to display what you need to pop up when you call it.

class CustomToastAnimation extends ToastAnimatedBase {
  CustomToastAnimation({Duration duration}) : super(duration: duration);

  Widget builder(BuildContext context) => AnimatedBuilder(
        animation: animation,
        child: super.builder(context),
        builder: (context, child) {
          return Opacity(
            opacity: animation.value,
            child: Transform.scale(
              scale: Tween<double>(begin: 1.5, end: 1.0)
              child: child,

2. Import animation

There are two ways to import animations, you can define the global at the initialization or change it during the runtime.

  1. Initialize the import Use the object you have defined to inherit the ToastAnimatedBase class, initialize it into LuckyToastCtxGet.
LuckyToastCtxGet(toastAnimated: CustomToastAnimation(), child: MyApp());
  1. Change at runtime