Crispin Transport for Logger

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A Crispin Transport for Logger


Because Logger doesn't follow RFC5424 with ascension, LoggerCrispinTransport maps log levels as the following:

Logger Method Crispin Method RFC5424 level Logger value
e error 0 4
w warn 1 3
i info 2 2
d debug 5 1
v verbose 4 0
wtf / wtf Not mapped - 5

Getting started

  1. Install flutter pub add logger_crispin_transport or dart pub add logger_crispin_transport
  2. Add the transport to Crispin as the below Usage section shows


import 'package:crispin/crispin.dart';
import 'package:logger_crispin_transport/logger_crispin_transport.dart';

void main() {
  Crispin().addTransport(LoggerCrispinTransport(LoggerCrispinTransportOptions(level: 'warn')));

Please see /example folder and docs for more examples and please see the docs for more information on usage.

default output

How To Contribute

  1. Create Github issue describing what you'd like to change and use the label LoggerCrispinTransport and label either bug, enhancement, question
  2. Create your PR with association to the GH Issue (e.g. "closes #4").


Create Github issue with the label LoggerCrispinTransport and then either bug, enhancement, question.


Please visit us at Crispin Transport