A simplest lightweight logger ever possible. Inspired by Android's logger.

Unlike other solutions, LogArt doesn't require any additional initialization. All you need - is to import logger into your class.

import 'package:logart/logart.dart';

Everything else is already implemented for you.

Logging messages

In order to log message you don't need to create any logger instance.

Here is an example of logging all kind of messages:

verbose("Widget", "Message");
debug("CheckoutScreen", "Message");
info("Scope", "Message");
warning("Tag", "Message");
error("Test", "Message");
wtf("UnexpectedStuff", "Message");

Or you can log messages using old way:

Log.v("Widget", "msg");
Log.d("CheckoutScreen", "msg");
Log.i("Scope", "msg");
Log.w("Tag", "msg");
Log.e("Test", "test");"UnexpectedStuff", "test");

That's it :D

The art of simplicity

As the headline says: LogArt - is the simplest logger ever possible, so it probably won't be as powerful as any other logger. But it doesn't mean LogArt is bad (at least I hope :D).

Anyway, if you have any suggestions on how to improve it - you're welcome to open an issue on GitHub :)