Animated icon that you will be able to add to your applications for getting a nice smooth effect for your likes or any other icon you wish to get a liked animation over.

Getting started

  1. Import the package into your application
    flutter pub add like_animated_icon 


For using this package you need to instantiate the widget like this.

            iconData: Icons.thumb_up_sharp,
            action: () {},
            reverseAction: () {},


  1. iconData: Here goes the icon you would like the animation to be performed over with.
  2. action: The function to be executed after the icon is pressed.
  3. reverAction: Action to be executed if there is any reverse action when pressing over an already pressed icon.
  4. Optional iconSize:Desire size of the icon.
  5. Optional initialColor: Color to be the initial color of the icon.
  6. Optional pressedColor: Final color after the icon was already animated.

Additional information

If you need any new features or identify any errors just raise an issue at github.