libusb_hotplug_deregister_callback method

void libusb_hotplug_deregister_callback(
  1. Pointer<libusb_context> ctx,
  2. int callback_handle

\ingroup libusb_hotplug Deregisters a hotplug callback.

Deregister a callback from a libusb_context. This function is safe to call from within a hotplug callback.

Since version 1.0.16, \ref LIBUSB_API_VERSION >= 0x01000102

\paramin ctx context this callback is registered with \paramin callback_handle the handle of the callback to deregister


void libusb_hotplug_deregister_callback(
  ffi.Pointer<libusb_context> ctx,
  int callback_handle,
) {
  return _libusb_hotplug_deregister_callback(