Contexts class


Contexts.eval([dynamic options, List<Node> frames])
Build Context to render the tree options is LessOptions or Context
Contexts.parse(dynamic options)
Copy from options LessOptions or Contexts [...]


avoidDartOptimization ↔ bool
read / write
calcStack ↔ List<bool>
Parenthesis control in calc operations
read / write
chunkInput ↔ bool
option - whether to chunk input. more performant (?) but causes parse issues.
read / write
cleanCss ↔ bool
read / write
color ↔ bool
read / write
compress ↔ bool
option - whether to compress
read / write
contents ↔ Map<String, String>
Map - filename to contents of all the files
read / write
contentsIgnoredChars ↔ Map<String, int>
Map - filename to lines at the begining of each file to ignore
read / write
currentFileInfo FileInfo
Information about the current file. For error reporting and importing and making urls relative etc.
read / write
defaultFunc FunctionBase
For default() function evaluation
read / write
dumpLineNumbers ↔ String
option - whether to dump line numbers
read / write
ext ↔ String
What extension try append to import file ('.less')
read / write
files ↔ Map<String, Node>
List of files that have been imported, used for import-once
read / write
firstSelector ↔ bool
read / write
frames ↔ List<Node>
Ruleset/MixinDefinition/Directive = VariableMixin
read / write
ieCompat ↔ bool
Whether to enforce IE compatibility (IE8 data-uri)
read / write
importantScope ↔ List<ImportantRule>
Ued to bubble up !important statements
read / write
importMultiple ↔ bool
Whether we are currently importing multiple copies
read / write
imports ↔ ImportManager
For LessError
read / write
inCalc ↔ bool
We are executing a calc operation
read / write
input ↔ String
read / write
insecure ↔ bool
option - whether to allow imports from insecure ssl hosts
read / write
javascriptEnabled ↔ bool
option - whether Inline JavaScript is enabled. If undefined, defaults to false
read / write
lastRule ↔ bool
read / write
math ↔ int
Whether math has to be within parenthesis
read / write
mathOn ↔ bool
To let turn off math for calc()
read / write
mediaBlocks ↔ List<Media>
read / write
mediaPath ↔ List<Media>
read / write
mime ↔ String
browser only - mime type for sheet import
read / write
numPrecision ↔ int
read / write
parensStack ↔ List<bool>
Stack for evaluating expression in parenthesis flag
read / write
paths ↔ List<String>
option - unmodified - paths to search for imports on (additional include paths)
read / write
pluginManager PluginManager
Used as the plugin manager for the session
read / write
processImports ↔ bool
option & context - whether to process imports. if false then imports will not be imported. Used by the import manager to stop multiple import visitors being created.
read / write
rawBuffer ↔ bool
Used in FileManager.loadFileSync to read the file asBytes. Return the contents in FileLoaded.codeUnits
read / write
rewriteUrls ↔ int
option - whether to adjust URL's to be relative
read / write
rootpath ↔ String
option - rootpath to append to URL's
read / write
selectors ↔ List<List<Selector>>
Used in Ruleset
read / write
sourceMap ↔ bool
Whether to output a source map
read / write
strictImports ↔ bool
read / write
strictUnits ↔ bool
Whether units need to evaluate correctly
read / write
syncImport ↔ bool
option - whether to import synchronously
read / write
tabLevel ↔ int
For identation in Ruleset CSS generation
read / write
urlArgs ↔ String
Whether to add args into url tokens
read / write
useFileCache ↔ bool
Browser only - whether to use the per file session cache
read / write
yuicompress ↔ bool
options.yuicompress - deprecated
read / write
hashCode → int
The hash code for this object.
read-only, inherited
runtimeType → Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited


clone() Contexts
clone this, non deep
enterCalc() → void
exitCalc() → void
inParenthesis() → void
parensStack push
isMathOn([String op]) → bool
isPathLocalRelative(String path) → bool
true if path is local ./ ....
isPathRelative(String path) → bool
normalizePath(String path) → String
Resolves '.' and '..' in the path
outOfParenthesis() → bool
parensStack pop. Always return true.
parseCopyProperties(dynamic options) → void
Copy properties for parse [...]
pathRequiresRewrite(String path) → bool
True if path is local or relative
rewritePath(String path, String rootpath) → String
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
toString() → String
Returns a string representation of this object.


operator ==(dynamic other) → bool
The equality operator.

Static Methods

evalCopyProperties(Contexts newctx, dynamic options) → void
Copy properties for eval options is LessOptions or Context