A library for designing neurologically oriented programs

Getting Started

Neurologically Oriented Programming


  • No neuron is aware of other neurons
  • A neuron is not aware that is it a neuron
  • Each neuron is responsible for deciding whether or not to handle a signal
  • Once a neuron fire whatever it returns is re-emitted
  • A signal must be immutable
  • A class which has no imports is a level 1 class, or a 'Pure Class'
  • A class's level is one greater than its highest dependency's level

Description The objective is to ensure that all classes have as low of a level as possible This is achieved by allowing them to communicate via signals rather than explicitly hardcoding relationships between them.

This is process is analogous to how the brain's neurons communicate with one another. Each neuron receives the signal and is activated if it can read that signal Once activated a neuron can issue a new signal.