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Leancloud flutter plugin by Luna Gao

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This plugin depends on Leancloud Native(iOS / Android) SDK. It's just convert the code from dart to those native language(Objective-C / Java).

Getting Started


  • Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:
  leancloud_flutter_plugin: ^0.0.5
  • Install packages from the command line:
flutter packages get
  • Import it
import 'package:leancloud_flutter_plugin/leancloud_flutter_plugin.dart';

How to use

Before your runApp function, initialize the leancloud. Such as the example app does.


  • initialize plugin
  • setup log level (Optional, default value is OFF)
  • setup region (Optional, default value is NorthChina)
  • initialize leancloud
  • save object or you can do whet ever you want :)

Initialize plugin

Plugin is Singleton mode. Please NOT initialize it by yourself.

Import: import 'package:leancloud_flutter_plugin/leancloud_flutter_plugin.dart';

LeancloudFlutterPlugin leancloudFlutterPlugin = LeancloudFlutterPlugin.getInstance();

Log Level (Optional)

Setup log level must be earlier than initialize leancloud function.


Region (Optional)

Setup region must be earlier than initialize leancloud function.


Initialize Leancloud

leancloudFlutterPlugin.initialize(appId, appKey);

Create and update an Object

Import: import 'package:leancloud_flutter_plugin/leancloud_object.dart';

// Create
AVObject object = new AVObject("YOUR_OBJECT");
object.put("FIELD_NAME", "VALUE"); // String
object.put("OR_INT", 10); // int
object.put("OR_BOOLEAN", true); // boolean
object.put("OR_FLOAT", 10.01); // float
object.save().then((object) {
  // Saved
  // and Update
  object.put("description", "updated!");
  object.save().then((object) {
    // Updated

If your update your object, {"code":403,"error":"Forbidden writing by object's ACL."} happened, then please check leancloud data's ACL field.

Delete an Object

// object is an AVObject
object.delete().then((isDeleted) {
  // Deleted
  if (isDeleted) {
    object = null; // you should set ref to null manually if you don't using this object

Query an Object

Import: import 'package:leancloud_flutter_plugin/leancloud_query.dart';

// query by object_id
AVQuery avQuery = new AVQuery("DemoObject");
avQuery.get("OBJECT_ID").then((object) {

// query objects
AVQuery avQuery = new AVQuery("DemoObject");
avQuery.whereEqualTo("KEY", "VALUE"); // string value
avQuery.whereNotEqualTo("KEY", 10); // int value
avQuery.whereGreaterThan("KEY", true); // bool value
avQuery.whereGreaterThanOrEqualTo("KEY", "VALUE");
avQuery.whereLessThan("KEY", "VALUE");
avQuery.whereLessThanOrEqualTo("KEY", "VALUE");
avQuery.find().then((objects) {
  print("All Objects Queryed!");

Example App

Example App README.md

Publish Plugin

flutter format .
flutter pub pub publish --dry-run
flutter pub pub publish