A Flutter package that provides APIs to access lean cloud feedback service, and a widget to display/send messages.


  1. Import package

     import 'package:leancloud_feedback/leancloud_feedback.dart';
  2. Initialize
    Call initLCFeedback with your AppID, AppKey and REST API Server URL, these fields can be found in lean cloud console -> {your application} -> Settings -> App keys.

  3. Call APIs
    Refer to API Page.

  4. Use ConversationWidget

     ///[messages]: Contains all messages between `dev` and `user`, you can call [fetchMessages] to get it.
     ///[onSendText]: The callback when user press send button.
     ///[role]: Make message be display on the correct side(left or right). This only accept two values 'dev' and user'.
     const ConversationWidget({this.messages, this.onSendText, this.role = 'user'})