pub package

This plugin is made to help you when building a launcher for Android.

It offers the following features:

  • Getting list of installed applications with their icon and other details.
  • Support for Adaptive Icons.
  • Launching application and getting phone's wallpaper.
  • Support for updating application information (asynchrnously)

Only Android is supported. launcher_helper is Androidx compatible.


  • Add launcher_helper as a dependency in pubspec.yaml.
  • Import package as: import 'package:launcher_helper/launcher_helper.dart';
  • Use LauncherHelper class to use package methods
  • Check this Example's for more information regarding this plugin's usage.
  • Check documentation for library


  • Plugin uses gradle version: 3.3.1 & kotlin version: 1.3.10
  • To get device wallpaper, app will need the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission on Android Oreo & above.


This library provides class LauncherHelper for various operations like getting list of installed applications, launching applications using package name, getting phone's wallpaper, etc. [...]