Launcher Assist

This is a Flutter plugin that gives you basic access to Android's PackageManager and WallpaperManager classes. As such, it is designed to help you build launchers for Android. Currently, it offers the following methods:

  • getAllApps() - This method returns a map containing the labels, package names, and icons of all the launchable apps installed on a user's device. The icons are available as byte arrays.

  • launchApp() - Takes a package name as its only argument. As its name suggests, it lets you launch apps.

  • getWallpaper() - Returns the current wallpaper of the user, as a byte array that you can directly pass to the Image.memory() method. Note that on devices running Android Oreo or higher, this method will work only if your app has the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.


To use this plugin, add launcher_assist as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Sample Code

import 'package:launcher_assist/launcher_assist.dart';


// Get all apps
LauncherAssist.getAllApps().then((apps) {
    setState(() {
        numberOfInstalledApps = apps.length;
        installedApps = apps;