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A type safe key/value store for Flutter backed by Sqlite. Powered by Sqlcool.



   import 'package:kvsql/kvsql.dart';

   store = KvStore();
   await store.onReady;

Initialize with an existing Sqlcool database:

   import 'package:kvsql/kvsql.dart';
   import 'package:sqlcool/sqlcool.dart';

   final db = Db();
   await db.init(path: "mydb.db", schema=[kvSchema()]);
   store = KvStore(db: db);

Insert or update

   await store.put<String>("mykey", "myvalue");

Supported value types are: String, int, double, bool, List<T>, Map<K, V>

Allowed types for map keys are: String, int and double

Allowed types for lists and maps values are String, int, bool, double and dynamic


   await store.delete("mykey");


Returns a typed value

   final List<int> myValue = await store.select<List<int>>("mykey");

Select sync

Synchronously select a value.

   final Map<String, int> myValue = store.selectSync<Map<String, int>>("mykey");

For this to work you need to initialize the store with the inMemory option that keeps an in memory copy of the store values.

   store = KvStore(inMemory = true);


This method upserts a key/value using a queue: it can be safely called concurrently. Useful for high throughput updates.

   store.push("mykey", "my_value");


  • This method is executed asynchronously but can not be awaited
  • It does not control the type of the data

Note: if you don't await your mutations or use push you are exposed to eventual consistency

Check the examples for detailled usage.

Persistant state

The kvstore can be used to persist the app state. Example with provider:

   import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart';
   import 'package:kvsql/kvsql.dart';

   final stateStore =
       KvStore(inMemory: true, path: "stateStore.db");

   class AppState with ChangeNotifier {
     int get value => stateStore.selectSync<int>("value");
     set value(int v) => stateStore.put<int>("value", v);

     void updateValue(int val) {
       value = val;