getUTCSunrise method

double getUTCSunrise (
  1. DateTime dateTime,
  2. GeoLocation geoLocation,
  3. double zenith,
  4. bool adjustForElevation

A method that calculates UTC sunrise as well as any time based on an angle above or below sunrise. This abstract method is implemented by the classes that extend this class.

@param calendar Used to calculate day of year. @param geoLocation The location information used for astronomical calculating sun times. @param zenith the azimuth below the vertical zenith of 90 degrees. for sunrise typically the {@link #adjustZenith zenith} used for the calculation uses geometric zenith of 90° and {@link #adjustZenith adjusts} this slightly to account for solar refraction and the sun's radius. Another example would be {@link net.sourceforge.zmanim.AstronomicalCalendar#getBeginNauticalTwilight()} that passes {@link net.sourceforge.zmanim.AstronomicalCalendar#NAUTICAL_ZENITH} to this method. @param adjustForElevation Should the time be adjusted for elevation @return The UTC time of sunrise in 24 hour format. 5:45:00 AM will return 5.75.0. If an error was encountered in the calculation (expected behavior for some locations such as near the poles, {@link java.lang.Double#NaN} will be returned. @see #getElevationAdjustment(double)


double getUTCSunrise(
    DateTime dateTime, GeoLocation geoLocation, double zenith, bool adjustForElevation);