jewish_date library




The JewishDate is the base calendar class, that supports maintenance of a {@link java.util.GregorianCalendar} instance along with the corresponding Jewish date. This class can use the standard Java Date and Calendar classes for setting and maintaining the dates, but it does not subclass these classes or use them internally in any calculations. This class also does not have a concept of a time (which the Date class does). Please note that the calendar does not currently support dates prior to 1/1/1 Gregorian. Also keep in mind that the Gregorian calendar started on October 15, 1582, so any calculations prior to that are suspect (at least from a Gregorian perspective). While 1/1/1 Gregorian and forward are technically supported, any calculations prior to Hillel II's (Hakatan's) calendar (4119 in the Jewish Calendar / 359 CE Julian as recorded by Rav Hai Gaon) would be just an approximation. [...]