Calendar enum

The JewishDate is the base calendar class, that supports maintenance of a {@link java.util.GregorianCalendar} instance along with the corresponding Jewish date. This class can use the standard Java Date and Calendar classes for setting and maintaining the dates, but it does not subclass these classes or use them internally in any calculations. This class also does not have a concept of a time (which the Date class does). Please note that the calendar does not currently support dates prior to 1/1/1 Gregorian. Also keep in mind that the Gregorian calendar started on October 15, 1582, so any calculations prior to that are suspect (at least from a Gregorian perspective). While 1/1/1 Gregorian and forward are technically supported, any calculations prior to Hillel II's (Hakatan's) calendar (4119 in the Jewish Calendar / 359 CE Julian as recorded by Rav Hai Gaon) would be just an approximation.

This open source Java code was written by Avrom Finkelstien from his C++ code. It was refactored to fit the KosherJava Zmanim API with simplification of the code, enhancements and some bug fixing.

Some of Avrom's original C++ code was translated from C/C++ code in Calendrical Calculations by Nachum Dershowitz and Edward M. Reingold, Software-- Practice & Experience, vol. 20, no. 9 (September, 1990), pp. 899- 928. Any method with the mark "ND+ER" indicates that the method was taken from this source with minor modifications.

If you are looking for a class that implements a Jewish calendar version of the Calendar class, one is available from the ICU (International Components for Unicode) project, formerly part of IBM's DeveloperWorks.

@see net.sourceforge.zmanim.hebrewcalendar.JewishCalendar @see net.sourceforge.zmanim.hebrewcalendar.HebrewDateFormatter @see java.util.Date @see java.util.Calendar @author © Avrom Finkelstien 2002 @author © Eliyahu Hershfeld 2011 - 2019


DATE → const Calendar
const Calendar(0)
MONTH → const Calendar
const Calendar(1)
values → const List<Calendar>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<Calendar>
YEAR → const Calendar
const Calendar(2)


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index int

The integer index of this enum.

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