complex_zmanim_calendar library


This class extends ZmanimCalendar and provides many more zmanim than available in the ZmanimCalendar. The basis for most zmanim in this class are from the _sefer_ Yisroel Vehazmanim by Rabbi Yisrael Dovid Harfenes. As an example of the number of different _zmanim_ made available by this class, there are methods to return 14 different calculations for _alos_ (dawn) and 25 for _tzais_ available in this API. The real power of this API is the ease in calculating _zmanim_ that are not part of the library. The methods for _zmanim_ calculations not present in this class or it's superclass {link ZmanimCalendar are contained in the [AstronomicalCalendar], the base class of the calendars in our API since they are generic methods for calculating time based on degrees or time before or after [getSunrise sunrise and [getSunset sunset and are of interest for calculation beyond _zmanim_ calculations. Here are some examples. [...]