A Flutter plugin that uses Khipu libraries to process payments in applications developed with Flutter

This plugin also has support to create payment identifiers and validate payment status.

AndroidManifest changes

To use the plugin on Android, you must modify the android: name of application, since you need to have an instance of KhenshinInterface




This change will not change the normal functionality of your application, since the KhipuApplication class also extends from FlutterApplication

Podfile changes

Remove use_frameworks! of Podfile, to avoid conflicts with Khipu bookstore

target 'Runner' do

Add Color in colors.xml

<color name="khenshin_primary">#ca0814</color> <!-- Navigation bar color and main button -->
<color name="khenshin_primary_dark">#580409</color> <!-- Color of the top status bar -->
<color name="khenshin_primary_text">#ffffff</color> <!-- Text color in the navigation bar -->
<color name="khenshin_accent">#ca0814</color> <!-- Color of the decorations, for example progress bars -->

On iOS, the color of Khipu is set in the initialize method

void main() {
  KhipuPay.initialize(hexaColor: "e5be01");

*IMPORTANT: The hexadecimal color to configure in iOS, is still in development.

How to use the plugin

  1. To generate a payment identifier, you must submit the fields required by Khipu, the email field is not mandatory.
import 'package:khipu_pay/khipu_payment.dart';

String idPayment = await KhipuPayment().getPaymentId(
    id: "id_cobrador", //Information delivered by khipu
    secret: "secret", //Information delivered by khipu
    subject: "asunto del pago",
    amount: "1000", //This value must be greater than 0
    currency: "CLP",
    email: "",
  1. Once the payment identifier is generated, you can process the payment by Khipu, it will return a "SUCCESS" if the transaction was correct or a "FAILURE" if the transaction fails or is canceled.
import 'package:khipu_pay/khipu_pay.dart';

String statusProcess = await KhipuPay.paymentProcess(paymentId: idPayment);
  1. Before or after making the payment, you can check the status of the generator identifier.
import 'package:khipu_pay/khipu_payment_status.dart';

String statusPayment = await KhipuPaymentStatus().status(
    transactionCode: idPayment,
    id: "id_cobrador", //Information delivered by khipu
    secret: "secret", //Information delivered by khipu

Remember that Khipu provides id and secret for development and production environment, you must change these fields, depending on the environment in which your application is located, so that you can process your payments correctly.