KeycloakInitOptions class Null safety

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KeycloakInitOptions({bool useNonce, dynamic adapter, String onLoad, String token, String refreshToken, String idToken, num timeSkew, bool checkLoginIframe, num checkLoginIframeInterval, String responseMode, String redirectUri, String silentCheckSsoRedirectUri, bool silentCheckSsoFallback, String flow, String pkceMethod, bool enableLogging, String scope, num messageReceiveTimeout})


adapter ↔ dynamic
Allow usage of different types of adapters or a custom adapter to make Keycloak work in different environments. The following options are supported:
read / write
checkLoginIframe bool
Set to enable/disable monitoring login state. @default true
read / write
checkLoginIframeInterval num
Set the interval to check login state (in seconds). @default 5
read / write
enableLogging bool
Enables logging messages from Keycloak to the console. @default false
read / write
flow String
Set the OpenID Connect flow. @default standard
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hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
idToken String
Set an initial value for the id token (only together with token or refreshToken).
read / write
messageReceiveTimeout num
Configures how long will Keycloak adapter wait for receiving messages from server in ms. This is used, for example, when waiting for response of 3rd party cookies check. @default 10000
read / write
onLoad String
Specifies an action to do on load.
read / write
pkceMethod String
Configures the Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) method to use. The currently allowed method is 'S256'. If not configured, PKCE will not be used.
read / write
redirectUri String
Specifies a default uri to redirect to after login or logout. This is currently supported for adapter 'cordova-native' and 'default'
read / write
refreshToken String
Set an initial value for the refresh token.
read / write
responseMode String
Set the OpenID Connect response mode to send to Keycloak upon login. @default fragment After successful authentication Keycloak will redirect to JavaScript application with OpenID Connect parameters added in URL fragment. This is generally safer and recommended over query.
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runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
scope String
Set the default scope parameter to the login endpoint. Use a space-delimited list of scopes. Note that the scope 'openid' will be always be added to the list of scopes by the adapter. Note that the default scope specified here is overwritten if the login() options specify scope explicitly.
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silentCheckSsoFallback bool
Specifies whether the silent check-sso should fallback to "non-silent" check-sso when 3rd party cookies are blocked by the browser. Defaults to true.
read / write
silentCheckSsoRedirectUri String
Specifies an uri to redirect to after silent check-sso. Silent check-sso will only happen, when this redirect uri is given and the specified uri is available within the application.
read / write
timeSkew num
Set an initial value for skew between local time and Keycloak server in seconds (only together with token or refreshToken).
read / write
token String
Set an initial value for the token.
read / write
useNonce bool
Adds a cryptographic nonce to verify that the authentication response matches the request. @default true
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toString() String
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