convertDecode function

dynamic convertDecode(
  1. String source,
  2. {Reviver reviver}

Parses the string and returns the resulting Json object.

The optional reviver function is called once for each object or list property that has been parsed during decoding. The key argument is either the integer list index for a list property, the string map key for object properties, or null for the final result.

The default reviver (when not provided) is the identity function.

Throws an ArgumentError if source is null.

Throws a JsonFormatException is source does not represent any JSON data.


dynamic convertDecode(String source, {Reviver reviver}) {
  if (source == null) {
    throw ArgumentError.notNull('source');
  try {
    return json.decode(source, reviver: reviver);
  } on FormatException catch (e) {
    throw JsonFormatException.fromParent(e);