JSON Traverser

Traverse a deeply nested JSON with a query string
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import 'package:json_traverse/json_traverse.dart';

void main() {
  var jsonString = '''
    "name": "John Smith",
    "email": "john@example.org",
    "contact": [
  var traverser = JSONTraverse(jsonString);
  // for a single string
  print(traverser.query('name')); // Prints `John Smith`
  // for an array, point the index
  print(traverser.query('contact.1')); // Prints `456`


First instantiate a JSONTraverse object: JSONTraverse traverser = JSONTraverse(jsonString).

Now, use the query method to traverse through the JSON: traverser.query('name').

If you want to traverse through an array, you have to mention the index, e.g., traverser.query('contact.1') for index 1 of the contact array. If the index is not a valid number, the code will throw a FormatException.