A Dart Jovo client for Jovo's Web platform.


  • Preset Launch and Text requests.
  • Http service to send and receive petitons with a Jovo WebHook.


//Configure JovoService with WebHook url.
JovoService service = JovoService(
        webHook: "your-jovo-webhook");

//Send http Launch request to start a session with a Jovo server.
JovoRequest launchRequest = JovoRequest.launchRequest();
JovoRequest launchResponse = await service.sendRequest(launchRequest);

//Get the text response from the server.

//Respond with a text request. Launch request and respnse as parameters to keep the session.
JovoRequest textRequest = await JovoRequest.textRequest(
        inputText, launchRequest, launchResponse);

Additional information

The package is in early aplha state. It does not yet fully implement all of Jovo's features.