Job Wheel


Many organizations have groups of people who cycle through a list of tasks.

For example, maybe you have a Mom, a Dad, a daughter (Jill) and a son (John) who take turns with dishes, taking out the trash, folding laundry, and cooking.

To represent a wheel like this, we might do the following:

// These appear on the outer wheel
List<String> outerChoices = ["Dishes", "Trash", "Laundry", "Cooking"];

// These appear on the inner wheel
List<String> innerChoices = ["Mom", "Dad", "Jill", "John"];

// This determines the offset.  
// It might be incremented once each week, for example.
// This is provided as a double rather than an integer to facilitate animations
// where the wheel gradually tranistions from one spot to another.
double number = 0;

    outerChoices: outerChoices,
    innerChoices: innerChoices,
    number: number,

The result of this would be something like,Dad,Jill,John&innerChoices=Dishes,Trash,Laundry,Cooking#/