liveSchedule function

Future<void> liveSchedule (
  1. ConnectionInfo connectionInfo,
  2. List<List<int>> schedule,
  3. [dynamic smooth = true]

Plays a live schedule on the controller (preview mode).

The schedule needs to be a list of 48 entries (one per half hour). Each entry should contain 5 values between 0-100 (inclusive), one for each channel.

The smooth parameter is used to add some smoothness to the preview. Only used to be able to debug on the sending device.

Throws an error if the controller cannot be reached or when the schedule is invalid.


Future<void> liveSchedule(
    ConnectionInfo connectionInfo, List<List<int>> schedule,
    [smooth = true]) async {
  final packets =
      createLivePackets(connectionInfo.controllerId, schedule, smooth);
  await sendPackets(packets);