jmb_aqualight library

A library for Dart developers that want to interact with the JMB Aqualight.

This library communicates over UDP with your controller. Make sure that your are connected to the controller's WiFi network.

This library is currently used by the JMB Aqualight apps. Available for iOS and Android.


The connection information.


connect() Future<ConnectionInfo>
Connects with the JMB Aqualight controller. [...]
liveSchedule(ConnectionInfo connectionInfo, List<List<int>> schedule, [dynamic smooth = true]) Future<void>
Plays a live schedule on the controller (preview mode). [...]
timeSync(ConnectionInfo connectionInfo) Future<void>
Synchronizes your system time with the controller. [...]
uploadSchedule(ConnectionInfo connectionInfo, List<List<int>> schedule) Future<void>
Uploads a schedule to the controller. [...]