A library for maintaining sets of related Dart projects versioned in git, in particular managing dependencies between them.


For now the best place to learn about Jefe is the introductory blog post.

Jefe is designed to be used both as a command (called jefe) and as source (e.g. integrating with other tools like grinder)


pub global activate jefe

Project Lifecycle Basics

import 'package:jefe/jefe.dart';

main() async {
  // first install the project group
  final ProjectGroup projectGroup = await ProjectGroup.install(
      new Directory('/Users/blah'), 'git@git.example');

  final executor = new CommandExecutor(projectGroup);

  // initialise it (sets it on develop branch etc)
  await executor.execute(lifecycle.init());

  // start a new feature
  // All projects will be on a feature branch called feacha,
  // will have the dependencies to other projects in this group set as
  // path dependencies, and will have pub get called
  await executor.execute(lifecycle.startNewFeature('feacha'));

  // Code something awesome

  // finish off the feature
  // All projects will have their feature branches merged to develop,
  // will have the dependencies to other projects in this group set as
  // git dependencies bashed on the current commit hash,
  // will be git pushed to their origin
  // and will have pub get called
  await executor.execute(lifecycle.completeFeature('feacha'));

  // now cut a release.
  // All the project pubspec versions will be bumped according to the release type
  // and git tagged with same version, will be merged to master
  await executor.execute(lifecycle.release(type: ReleaseType.major));

Generate a Production Dockerfile

main() async {
  final executor = await executorForDirectory('/Users/blah/myfoo_root');

  await executor.execute(docker.generateProductionDockerfile(
      'my_server', 'my_client',
      outputDirectory: new Directory('/tmp'),
      dartVersion: '1.9.3',
      environment: {'MY_FOO': false},
      exposePorts: [8080, 8181, 5858],
      entryPointOptions: ["--debug:5858/"]));

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


The jefe library. [...]