JWT session managers for Jaguar.


JWT session manager implements SessionManager that stores session data in JWT format.


Declare JwtConfig:

const jwtConfig = const JwtConfig('sdgdflgujsdgndsflkgjsdlnwertwert78676',
    issuer: '');

Set JwtSession as sessionManager in Jaguar's constructor:

main() async {
  final server = Jaguar(sessionManager: JwtSession(jwtConfig));
  // add routes here
  await server.serve();


JwtSession can be configured using config and validationConfig parameters.

config takes the information required to issue, sign and decode JWT tokens. Some of the important parameters are:

issuer: Issuer used in iss field of JWT audience: Audience used in aud field of JWT maxAge: Period for which the token is valid hmacKey: The key used to sign the JWT tokens. Keep this key a secret.

Configuring transport

Use io to configure how session data is transported. Built-in options are:

  1. SessionIoCookie: Stores token in cookie
  2. SessionIoAuthHeader: Stores token in authorization header
  3. SessionIoHeader: Stores token in header

By default, JwtSession uses SessionIoAuthHeader.


JWT session managers for Jaguar [...]