Library for IPIN encryption (for EBS and noebs). Lightweight, only uses dart, built on top of Crypton library.

How to use it

$ # update pubspec.yaml with the library
import 'package:ipin/ipin.dart';
import 'package:uuid/uuid.dart'; // notice we are using uuid package from pub.dev

final key =
// final id = Uuid().v4();
final id = Uuid().v4();
final ipin = await Ipin(clearIpin: "0000", uuid: id, pubKey: key).encrypt();

// ipin is the new encrypted ipin block. NOTE you will to use `id` in UUID request field.

pubKey is the public key you get via our API (docs.noebs.dev) uuid is uuid. NOTE, the same UUID we use for encryption is the one we send in our subsequent API calls. clearIpin: is the clear ipin entered by the user

Visit https://docs.noebs.dev(for more information).


Library ipin implements ipin encryption for EBS / noebs payment cards in Sudan. It relies on crypton which uses only dart code and doesn't rely on any OS-specific SDKs for encryption