This is a Dart plugin package for accessing network information from Flutter. This is an iOS-only plugin.


import 'package:ios_network_info/ios_network_info.dart';

getNetworkInfo() async {
  bssid = await IosNetworkInfo.bssid;
  ssid = await IosNetworkInfo.ssid;

For a working example app, see the example directory


This Flutter plugin relies on CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo which on iOS 12 and later requires the entitlement.

(CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo) To use this function in iOS 12 and later, enable the Access WiFi Information capability in Xcode. For more information, see Access WiFi Information Entitlement.

Requesting this entitlement successfully is only available if you joined the Apple Developers Program.

Add "Access WiFi Information" capability to your app (otherwise, you'll receive nulls).

Don't forget to enable

Note: "Access WiFi Information" capability is not the same as "Wireless Accessory Configuration".


  • connectivity plugin lets you get the WiFi SSID (wifiName). After my pull request is merged, you can also get the BSSID of the current WiFi network


The source code is available on GitHub smaho-gmbh/ios_network_info.

This Flutter plugin is created by the SMAHO engineering team.