An audio recognition SDK developed by intrasonics.

Getting Started

Do NOT forget to enable microphone permission on settings for android.

You can hide data into any sound/video by using our cloud encoders. Use this for example app

And by using this sdk, callbacks in your code will be triggered when your app catches that data from that content. So the code simply looks like ;

  void initialiseIntrasonicsSDK() async {
    var token = await getFileData("assets/Token.json");
    var events = await getFileData("assets/events.json");

    IntrasonicsSDK = IntrasonicsSDK(token, lyrics);

    IntrasonicsSDK.onEventReceived.listen((event) => {
      //do some stuff using event.

When initialised, decoder will start listening and decode. Want to stop/start listening? Just use ;


What is 'token'?

This is your unique key associated with our package id, to enable the sdk, you can create one for free at

What is 'events'?

Simple json that containts your events - that will trigger in certain time.

 {"id":"My Event","time":19.00},

So that, onEventReceived will be triggered and return your event.

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