checkArgs method

bool checkArgs(
  1. NamedExpression args,
  2. List<String> parameterNames

Verify that the args argument matches the method parameters and isn't, e.g. passing string names instead of the argument values.


bool checkArgs(NamedExpression args, List<String> parameterNames) {
  if (args == null) return true;
  // Detect cases where args passes invalid names, either literal strings
  // instead of identifiers, or in the wrong order, missing values, etc.
  ListLiteral identifiers = args.childEntities.last;
  if (!identifiers.elements.every((each) => each is SimpleIdentifier)) {
    return false;
  var names = identifiers.elements
      .map((each) => (each as SimpleIdentifier).name)
  var both;
  try {
    both = new Map.fromIterables(names, parameterNames);
  } catch (e) {
    // Most likely because sizes don't match.
    return false;
  var everythingMatches = true;
  both.forEach((name, parameterName) {
    if (name != parameterName) everythingMatches = false;
  return everythingMatches;