recreateIntlObjects function

BasicTranslatedMessage recreateIntlObjects(
  1. String id,
  2. dynamic data

Regenerate the original IntlMessage objects from the given data. For things that are messages, we expect id not to start with "@" and data to be a String. For metadata we expect id to start with "@" and data to be a Map or null. For metadata we return null.


BasicTranslatedMessage recreateIntlObjects(String id, data) {
  if (id.startsWith("@")) return null;
  if (data == null) return null;
  var parsed = _pluralAndGenderParser.parse(data).value;
  if (parsed is LiteralString && parsed.string.isEmpty) {
    parsed = _plainParser.parse(data).value;
  return BasicTranslatedMessage(id, parsed);