This package fetches a Instagram users media using the Instagram Basic Display API.

The package handles Instagram Authentication then returns the users media including the captions, ids, media urls, timestamps, and media types.

Video Walkthrough / Setup / Code Breakdown

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final usersIgMedia = await Navigator.push(context,
   MaterialPageRoute(builder: (context) => 
         mediaTypes: 0, //choose what to return (see parameters below)
         appID: '70000000000', //app ID for your IG app in your FB Developer Account
         appSecret: '3750x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x00x0x') //the secret for the app ID

print(usersIgMedia[0]); //urls
print(usersIgMedia[1]); //timestamps
print(usersIgMedia[2]); //IDs
print(usersIgMedia[3]); //types (IMAGE, VIDEO, or CAROUSEL_ALBUM)
print(usersIgMedia[4]); //captions

mediaTypes Options

0 - images only (No CAROUSEL_ALBUM)
1 - videos only (No CAROUSEL_ALBUM)
2 - images and videos (No CAROUSEL_ALBUM)
3 - everything - everything (CAROUSEL_ALBUM, VIDEO, IMAGE)