InstaParser class




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runtimeType Type
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toString() String
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operator ==(dynamic other) bool
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Static Properties

lastPhotoUrlsParsed Map<String, String>
read / write
lastPostsParsed List<String>
read / write
lastUserDataParsed Map<String, String>
read / write
lastVideoUrlParsed String
read / write

Static Methods

photoUrlsFromPost(String postUrl) Future<Map<String, String>>
Returns urls for small, medium and large size of photos if it's not from a private profile. Also saves it on lastPhotoUrlsParsed.
postsUrlsFromProfile(String profileUrl) Future<List<String>>
Returns the first 12 posts of a public Instagram profile and also saves it on lastPostsParsed.
userDataFromProfile(String profileUrl) Future<Map<String, String>>
Returns urls biography, followersCount, followingsCount, fullName, isPrivate, isVerified, profilePicUrl, profilePicUrlHd, username and postsCount. Also saves it on lastUserDataParsed.
videoUrlFromPost(String postUrl) Future<String>
Returns the video url of a post if it exists or empty string if it doesn't or the profile is private and also saves it on lastVideoUrlParsed.