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Flutter package which starts the splash effect of InkWell instantly if onDoubleTap is used. Additionally maximal time between two taps to recognize a double tap can be adjusted.


The problem with the current InkWell is the delayed start of the splash effect while using onDoubleTap

If you are using onTap & onDoubleTap side by side with an InkWell, then a single tap gets delayed. This is necessary for the recognition of a double tap but also the splash effect is delayed. With this package the splash effect is startet instantly.

All other functions are equal to the standard InkWell widget

Interactive Example


Add this line to pubspec.yaml

  inkwell_splash: ^0.0.1

Import package

import 'package:inkwell_splash/inkwell_splash.dart';

Simple example:

class MyWidget extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Material(
      color: Colors.redAccent,
      child: InkWellSplash(
        splashFactory: InkRipple.splashFactory,
        onTap: () => print("Single Tap"),
        onDoubleTap: () => print("Double Tap"),
        doubleTapTime: Duration(milliseconds: 300),
        child: Container(
          width: 120,
          height: 120,
          child: Text("Welcome to InkWellSplash"),


doubleTapTimeMaximal time between two taps to recognize a double tapDuration

Additional all parameters of standard InkWell can be used as well


If another parent or child gesture widget (e.g. InkWell, GestureDetector) uses its own onDoubleTap function, the splash of the InkWellSplash is delayed again. This is because, the onTap function of all widgets will then be delayed.