An in-app browser using Webviews in Flutter.


This project is still a WIP and new features and improved functionality will be added soon.


  1. Use URIs for all purposes. Make sure to pass a valid URI as the plugin doesn't verify this on it's own. This functionality will be added in the future versions.
  2. Create your URI in the following way: Uri uri = Uri.parse('')
  3. Call the InappBrowser.showPopUpBrowser() method and pass your context and your URI

What's working:

  • Forward backward navigation
  • page refresh.
  • URL share functionality

Known issues:

  • Forward backward navigation is a little buggy for AMP pages
  • URLs with redirects break backward navigation

If there are any open issues, feel free to open an issue on Github. For feature requests, open an issue on Github with a feature label. If you feel like you can help me with this project, open a PR.